The First Readers Anonymous Bookclub Meeting was a Success

30 Jan

It was a cold January evening in Iowa, and about a dozen brave souls made their way to The Next Chapter for the first meeting of the Readers Anonymous Bookclub.  Attendees included high school students and senior citizens, men and women, long-time locals from around Marion County, as well as  newcomers to our community.

Our plan was to let people divide up into genre-specific groups (the Romance readers, the History buffs, etc.) and then facilitate those groups’ future meetings.  But, as often happens, people took matters into their own hands, in this case with very happy consequences!

We spent the evening engaged in a lively gathering of book-lovers sharing their excitement and love of books, of favorite authors, and of preferred genres.  Readers offered commentary on style and plot, and more than one person was heard to comment that they might break out of their usual genre to read something really different for a change.

The group unanimously and enthusiastically agreed to make this a regular event, and signed up on an email list.  And so, here’s the official announcement.  The Readers Anonymous Bookclub will meet each month on the last Thursday at 6 pm here at The Next Chapter.

Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions for the group here, and many thanks to all of you who made it!  For you who have yet to come, we welcome you!

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