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It’s Spring!

As I watch the grass turn green and the trees thinking about budding, my thoughts turn to gardening!  I love the feel and smell of the soil — I even love weeding.  Really!

So I’m afraid I’ve stocked up on the garding books a little more heavily than I should have.  There are so many fabulous choices out there to choose from that I couldn’t help myself!  Everything from growing a kitchen garden to planting fabulous containers, choosing the best flowers for Midwest Gardens, and even how to plant a slope is covered.

Then, as I consider how gorgeous my garden will (hopefully) be, I think about how fabulous I also want the interior of my house to look when all the people who come to admire my garden also come in for a glass of the perfectly prepared cold beverages and snacks I’ll always have on hand.

OK, so this is really a fantasy, but hey, reach for the stars, right?  For inspiration I have stocked the home and design shelves with books about decorating, remodelling, and other Do-It-Yourself projects.   Maybe some of them will appeal to you too.

Of course, Spring also means Easter, and Easter means another perfect opportunity for Tresa to display her window decorating artistry.  Watching her choose the gifts and other merchandise we carry; and then decorating the shop with what she finds is one of the best parts of working here.  To complement all the darling bunnies and baby ducks and baskets she’s tracked down, we ordered plenty of bibles, bible stories, prayer books, and childrens Easter and activity books, all perfect for gift giving during this season’s celebrations.

We hope to see you soon at the Next Chapter!


Gearing Up for Spring!

Hello everyone,

We’re gearing up for spring, scouring the publisher’s catalogues for the best in new books and tracking down old favorites for lots of wonderful customers.

We have lots of hot new books on the shelves and you can read more about some of them here on our Book News Page!

For the younger set, just in is a fab line of brightly colored and perfectly accessoriezed diaper bags and pacifier pods by Kalencom.  Don’t miss these if you’ve got a baby shower coming up!

And finally, rolling in daily are various Easter Baskets, bunnies, and books for that special spring celebration.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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