Computer Classes here at Next Chapter

25 Aug

Knoxville is a great town to live in! We’ve got a wonderful community and lots of great amenities that make for a rich and varied quality of life for all of us – like a library, day care center, rec center, good schools, a brewery, and of course, a bookstore! But one of the things that are missing here is adult continuing education opportunities.

As some of you may know, in my pre-Knoxville life, one of the things I did was teach computer applications classes.  In fact, here in Knoxville, I’ve done a little instruction, but it has been difficult to find a venue that worked for group classes.

But the requests from prospective students have continued to come in, and so, after much discussion, Tresa and I have decided to use the Next Chapter as a classroom, after business hours, where I can teach computer classes. We’ve posted a schedule of classes for Fall 2010, and we hope that if you, or (perhaps more likely, if you’re reading this) someone you know, needs some help becoming a more proficient computer user, you’ll consider signing up!

Classes will have to be small due to space and WiFi constraints, and everyone will need to bring a laptop to work on, but we think this will be a step in the right direction toward creating some continuing education options for the good people of Marion County.

Go to our “Adult Computer Classes” page for the fall schedule, and for details on individual classes, and stay tuned for more developments.

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One response to “Computer Classes here at Next Chapter

  1. Julianne

    September 15, 2010 at 10:11 am

    I totally agree about Knoxville lacking community education! It’s such a shame, because a lot of the wonderful opportunities in community education in Des Moines have classes that end at 9PM. That means we’d be pulling into the driveway at 10PM! And we already do that two nights a week as it is because of evening work committments.

    I would be very interested in attending Knoxville-based adult community education classes in the areas of cooking or crafting. There! I’ve put it out for all the universe to see. Hopefully something will happen! 🙂


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