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Teen Reviewer : School Spirits

School Spirits

School Spirits, by Rachel Hawkins
Disney Hyperion, 2013

School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins is a well-written book with plenty of monster-hunting action to keep the reader entertained. With likable characters, an interesting plot, lots of mystery, action and a hint of romance, it is hard to put the book down!  The story line was brilliantly thought out, the events are perfect for keeping the reader’s interest, and the shocking twists really make the story unpredictable..

Izzy Brannick, like all of her ancestors, is a monster hunter. Her sister has disappeared, and her mother thinks Izzy is not ready to go on missions on her own. Izzy thinks otherwise, but it is her word against her mother’s. When the two hear about a haunting in Ideal, Mississippi, they move there and get Izzy enrolled in Mary Evans high, the sight of the hauntings. Ghosts are relatively easy to get rid of, so Izzy has this mission all to herself. The only problem is . . . Izzy has never set foot in a school.

When Izzy starts school, she hears about a ghost hunting club, and she’s eager to join to get clues about the haunting. Also in the club are Romy, Anderson, and Dex. Izzy quickly befriends them all, but she suspects Dex is a monster. After hearing about the first attack, Izzy learns that the ghost is leaving warnings for its victims, and it is not long before it leaves another warning, and she must fight a violent and powerful ghost, and must get rid of it quickly, or someone could be killed.

Izzy goes to the graveyard to seal the ghost in its grave, but her attempt fails and the ghost is not trapped. She discovers the ghost has gotten too powerful from the terror it strikes in the students of the school, and comes to believe a witch has summoned the ghost from its grave. When she and Dex go to the cave the ghost died in, they find a charm Izzy thinks was used in a spell. The identity of the witch remains unknown, but Izzy has to find out soon, or the angry ghost will kill everyone.

This story is a great recommendation for lovers of mystery with a paranormal twist, or for someone who likes a good ghost story.

Reviewed by Emma Clodfelter

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