Iron House

Iron House by John Hart, (Thomas Dunne Books, 2011)

Iron House is the story of two boys abandoned as infants, who spend their early years in a brutal orphanage–the nature of their abandonment is unknown. When the weaker of the two brothers kills a sadistic bully in self defense on the eve of their adoption, the stronger brother takes the blame, flees the orphanage, and grows up on the streets of the big city. He learns to use his wits to survive, and is eventually embraced by the mob.The other brother is adopted and grows up in wealth and privilege–irreparably damaged. As adults, their lives collide in a compelling story of family, love, and violence as they learn the tragedy of their birth and early life.

Iron House is a thriller, mystery, and love story all rolled into one, with some of the best character development and haunting scenes I have read in some time. This page turner has something for everyone, and is one of my best books of the year. It makes me want to find everything that John Hart has ever written and read it. Now.

Reviewed by Bob Leonard


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