Lizzie S. Teen Book Reviewer!

We like to draw upon the community for book reviews, and recently Lizzie S., one of our high school aged customers agreed to read and review some new Young Adult books. Here are her takes on four recent teen releases.

Cinder, by Marissa Meyer

Cinder is not a normal girl. According to humans, she is a cyborg. According to her “family” she is a nuisance. Overall no one wants her around. When she discovers her sister has caught the plague that no one survives, her step-mother sends her off to be the guinea-pig for the research on the cure. The doctor discovers some astonishing news that may change her life forever, and while all of this is going on there is also the prince to think about.

This was an intriguing remake of Cinderella that caught my attention and held it. I can’t wait for the next book!  Read More

Tempest, by Julie Cross

Jackson is a special boy. He was living his normal life when something tragic happened and he saw the love of his life dying on the floor. He has to go back to a different time to try to reverse it, but will it be enough to save Holly?  I loved this book!  It was full of suspense and heartbreaking love, and I can’t wait for the next book in the series!  Read More.

Everneath, by Brodi Ashton

Nikki made a life changing decision six months ago, and it may cost her her life!  She’s been taken to an underworld called Everneath. She is given six months to go back home to say goodbye, but finds that she doesn’t want to hurt the ones she loves again, especially her boyfriend, Jack.

As Nikki is struggling to find the right words to tell her family how she feels, Cole, the boy who brought her down to Everneath, won’t let her be. She finds that she longs to stay on the Surface, but can she find a way before time runs out?

Everneath was very hard to put down. With all the pressure that happens, you get hooked from the start. I hope she writes a sequel.  Read More

Fracture, by Megan Miranda

Anything can happen in eleven minutes. It could be good (like getting a new pet) or it could be something horrible (like losing one). In this story Delaney had a disastrous experience with frozen water. Most people die if they are immersed for seven minutes. Eleven is unthinkable. She should have died, but came out of it with an extremely damaged brain and some cracked ribs. She is a miracle, but later she realizes she has a secret that no one will understand. No one, that is, except Troy Varga!  Read More

Mercy by Rebecca Lim

Hyperion, May 2011,

Mercy is a mystical person is stuck on earth, waking up as different people every couple of days. Then she takes control of a particular girl’s life and has an unforgettable adventure with a young man named Ryan, whose sister was kidnapped two years earlier.  Only Ryan, and now Mercy, believes the sister is alive, and the two of them set out to find out what happened to her.   The mystery and romance in this book was so good that I got into trouble for reading so much in reading class! It was a fast-moving, attention-grabbing story.

Misfit by Jon Skovron

Amulet, August 2011

Jael discovers a family secret on her 16th birthday – her absent mother was a demon, which explains why her father has always been so strict with her. Then Jael learns that she has to master her demon side so she can wage a horrific battle to save her friends and family, all while dealing with everyday high school friend and boy drama.  It was one of my favorite books and I couldn’t put it down.

My Life Undecided by Jessica Brody

A teen girl named Brooklyn has a track record of making bad decisions. So when she is shunned by the person she thought was her best friend for making a bad decision, she decides that she is so ‘decisionally challenged’ that she resolves to start a blog that puts her fate in the hands of some total strangers who will make decisions for her. But she learns that there are some things you just have to decide for yourself.  With plenty of laughs, some lessons, and just enough romance, I thought the book was awesome and I absolutely loved the ending.

Girl Wonder by Alexa Martin

Hyperion, May 2011

When Charlotte moves to a new town and a new public school for her senior year, she focuses on trying to get into a good college — but struggles with her math grades.  Not only is she new, but she’s also socially inept, so when one of the popular girls at school befriends her, she’s more than happy to hang out with a new crowd.  In this new crowd, there is, of course, the boy Charlotte has a crush on, and romance ensues, but at a cost!  Girl Wonder is about facing the challenges of a new school and getting involved with the wrong people. It was a good book with a sweet ending. I liked it.


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